Being yourself is way easier said than done. Being yourself means having the power to leave people

who won`t understand you behind, having the power to accept the moment when others will be

pointing at you thinking that they are more normal than you are. Be kind to them, forgive them and

pray that they will be well. Most times, those who don`t hold the power to understand others don`t

even understand themselves, they don`t know how they truly are. Take every punch as an

opportunity to grow, to leave another frustration behind, to become determined to be yourself, to

show yourself just as you are. Slowly, the ones who pointed at you will grow bored and disappear,

and the people that will remain in your life will be the ones in which you can hold complete trust.

The moment you are yourself, you will get rid of the desire to judge, to criticize others, you will

forget to state that one is insane as long as he does what he desires. He wants to be a fly tamer? A

grass breeder? A butterfly trainer? Then so be it. Life is not about what others want for you or what

they think about you. Life is about you, but in order for it to be so, you need to be yourself,

otherwise you`ll be living the life of another “you”.

Text written by: Anca Erena

translated by laylah