We do not know,

We do not feel,

We do not want to hear,

We shut our ears

We shut our eyes

And suck our lips inside.

We hear of love,

The bond of the heart and the brain

We know a lot of theory, definitions

We chase the love

Of people who exchange it

For worldly nothings.

We believe in the purpose of love

We believe in the purpose of life

We search for our way

The way of life.

As if it were an object to obtain.

We are in wars,

We cast spears

We cast envious looks

We cast pain.

We enjoy,

Seeing one of us suffering.

“Suffering makes us better”

Is on everyone’s lips.

We deny denial

We shut the gates of our hearts`castle

And we forget…

We blame the others,

We blame the system,

We blame her, him, the situation

The gloomy weather

The lack of this and that

Fate, destiny.

Oh, you, universal Mother

See what your kids have done.

They took their swords out and severed each other’s heads.

They didn’t spare a soul…

They’ve forgotten, dear mother,

They’ve forgotten you.

They’ve forgotten about the earth they tread on,

The sky they see

The smile being born on their chins.

Sisters and brothers divide into factions,

This way is good – this way is bad.

White is the opposite of black

Man is the opposite of woman

Dog is opposite of cat.

O, Mother

They bent your words,

Misunderstood them

And condemned them.

They’ve forgotten

We’ve forgotten.

Tears are pouring streams from everyone’s eyes

But they still strike their spear into

The bloody stomach…

They’ve forgotten about Your love,

The healing one.

They’ve forgotten to embrace the earth

To welcome the rain

And to laugh.


The way you’ve taught them to.

They’ve forgotten their hearts,

Their hearts

That feast on sincerity



All these demand nothing in return.

They understood they do.

They use their powers to enslave others.

When they should open their arms and welcome them all.

They kiss with their eyes open and hug in a rush

So to escape the tightness of being close to another.

When they see something beautiful they tend to own it

“It’s mine!”; “No, it’s mine!”

When they see the love between two people

They crave for it

Only to make it their own.

They identify with petty stuff

And they believe their wealth and body are the only things that matter.

They let themselves be molded

By opinions, influences, thought.

They peek into the life of another

And crave for the happiness of others.

They fabricate their happiness to look a certain way

For that’s how they saw the others being happy.

I beg forgiveness, mother

That I’ve forgotten my heart

That I’ve forgotten you

And that

I am one of them too.

I beg forgiveness, heart,

That i’m keeping you closed up in my own cage

I’ve forgotten…

I’ve forgotten…

But not forever.

I’m starting to remember…


written by Atthara

translated by Lenorah