"I have always liked to be involved in many. Perhaps that's why I haven't brought myself to finish those painting lessons, or that Journalism University, neither the Psychology one. In the end I've finished Marketing and Communications. At karate, I have started Aikido until I got my green belt; then I started acting, but in about two years’ time I realised that I was better in street performances, then in directing. I played the drums and blowed the digeridoo this entire time. After about 3 months of courses in photography and television in India I grew attached to transpersonal psychology.
Actually, neither one of all those things matter. I have discovered in Ruah Emotion the entire spectrum of passions that I can take upon myself, through all the talents I can find. Here, I can do it all." - Ruah


Even if we are "artists" or "collaborators", we create by being together. The collective makes the emotion possible.


what we do, what we express; we like our journey together.


Be it the belief in our abilities- or not, we discover that we have human and infinite talents.


We are a sensitive bunch. We like the butterflies in our stomach.


We do everything. Our numbers are growing. Together. Do you want to join? This is what we have behind the curtains:


Do you want to communicate with the ones that travel with us? You know how to show the public what we're doing? Come join communication!


A good message deserves to be transmitted on the right frequency: to the ones that are willing to listen! Be the messenger!


Any kitchen needs a cook! If you like preparing emotions, this is your place!


Film, music editing... a kind of fashion for human senses.


You want to do it, but don't have the "with what"? We offer you the "with whom"!