Once in a while, the Artist awakens to life. His sleep has been more confusing rather than restful. A

fragment of his dream has awakened him.

For several long moments, he stays still. He gazes into the abundance of external light, which is hollow

of the hues he just woke up from, he gazes into nothing.

The hues have already slipped out of his sight. All that remains is the way they feel under his much too

tight skin.

He doesn’t know what he means to say. He doesn’t even know whether he wants to write or draw. His

hands impatiently demand him to give shape to something. His heart beats hard, life into his body. Too

many thoughts fly around his head, trying to steal his attention, but the Artist can’t become deaf to the

powerful calling of his heart…

The inexpressible dream – an entire world, so much to say. So much to be listened to… He can’t help

but start to configure all those fragile things, feeling vulnerable to the core of his being. Who will listen to

the music of his soul? It’s enough right now, that he’s listening to it himself, even as he’s building it…

The time of silence is long drawn out. Abandonment is ringing throughout it. In these morning rays, the

Artist discovers that he wants to retrieve himself. To offer love to himself, to receive it again. He

submerges into the song of his heart. Oh, he missed this so much… So much.


The Artist discovers that for him to truly be, he needs nourishment. Love and attention… The beginning

is painful and much too outstretched when he doesn’t love himself, when he lets his mind decide that

his heart has nothing notable to say. She knocks hard into his consciousness, though, asking for

attention. And until she gets that, until she’s been listened to… The Artist won’t be able to live, so

enchained by what he denies permission to himself to say.

So say it, Artist. This blank world needs your colors. This heart, who yearns so passionately to love, is

right to feel this way. Because the world will become art, when it will receive your love.

Text and image by lenorah