Paboom. Paboom Boom-Paboom, Poom.
I am walking. I am walking. I am walking. I am walking.
Step after step,
Step after step, I am walking. My coat is unbinding at the middle. A car approaches from behind. I can hear it. Whistling, it flings my coat on the other side. The pavement stretches towards the horizon and the horizon leans back.
My foot is made of dirt. The other is made of rock. Beside my knees, the ridge of the mountains glances. With my lung, I am sipping in the salty air. From my gaze, parts of words which I would like to say, are falling. I will not tell them now. I will write them.
I am walking. I am walking. I am walking. I am walking.
Step by step,
Step by step, I am walking. The colours are not spinning, they flow out of their own dynamism. They merge and they unbind beautifully. Two kids are playing in the park. Two birds are flying. A tree, a cloud, a sky, a blade of grass carelessly leans over and breaks.
Today I am only walking, among their giant footsteps. Today I am just walking. Between ants with their middles sharp.
Today, I am only flowing, like a string through a needle.
Today, I am not singing, I am not whispering; Today, I am quiet.

On my way to the office, I leap over the sidewalk. I reach the front door. Three old men and a boy with yellow eyes. “Car Service” is hanging from a nail, the wind is calm. They invite me inside.
He whispers something and then brings a plug. Water in a kettle, kettle over the fire of the gas cylinder, the gas cylinder is on a wheel- on the other wheel I sit in silence. We drink from the kettle as much as we want. We don’t say a word, we smoke a cigarette, I take my coat and I leave. We will see each other again.

written by ruah

translated by atthara