It happens from this wonderful air

That I now realize

My name

And its meaning.

It happens from this flaring sun

That I see through you

The wonder of the earth

And its dryness from home.

It happens, from these lungs of mine

A hoot of life

Which I blow amidst the whole world

And it sounds like change.

It’s happening, now, from this spark

Which I call birth

That I raise myself above these broken mirrors

And I feel the vibration

In my tears!

I don’t know

How to yell louder

And to cry towards the opening

Because I feel the light of the sky

How it pulls me towards it

And carresses me

And dances me!

I don’t know how to yell at the top of my throat

This greenery of my heart

In order for you to see it

And to bring us together

Here, at the horizons of our heart

Where all the colorful waves of my life

Are breaking!

translated by Sînziana Dinu